Five Major Advantages of IT Outsourcing

Many companies, particularly small and mid-sized, face the crucial decision of whether to build an in-house IT support team or outsource IT support to third-party providers. Most small firms just can’t afford to match the in-house support staff that larger companies can maintain. Outsourcing IT can help small firms act “big” by giving them access to the same efficiencies and expertise that large companies enjoy.

Five Major Advantages of IT Outsourcing

(1) Better Cost Management. For companies seeking to cut back costs, a more consistent budget allotted for outsourced IT support can go a long way toward avoiding the volatility of expenses incurred from an in-house IT support team, the costs including staff recruiting, training, equipment purchases, upgrades, and maintenance. This makes it hard for companies to manage their finances, as unanticipated expenditures can occur with some frequency. An outsourced IT support team, on the other hand, can solve IT-related problems quicker, and provide a more controlled monthly expenses that only increases as the company grows.

(2) Focus on Your Unique Products. One of the main reasons companies fail is that they don’t focus on what is unique about their products or services, whether it’s providing the best value or being the first of their kind. Companies need to keep finding new ways to grow and innovate. Thus, a company should focus on its products and delegate time-consuming IT tasks to firms that specialize in such work. By outsourcing IT, you no longer need to allocate valuable company time and attention just to maintain an in-house team. Instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out why your technology doesn’t work the way it should, you can delegate this task to IT specialists. That way, you can focus on your product – the reason the company exists in the first place.

(3) A Complete IT Toolbox at Your Fingertips. To operate and grow a successful company, you need to pay close attention to your product and not get bogged down by technical issues that you may not have encountered before, and which can take an immense amount of time and attention. This is why enlisting a company experienced in IT support should be a key part of your business strategy. An expert IT company will have experience with an array of IT-related tasks and can locate issues faster than you are likely to be able to.

(4) Disaster Recovery.  A business’s data is quite possibly its most precious asset. Most companies are ill-equipped for recovery from disasters such as physical damage, data corruption or cyber attack, any of which can lead to a company having to halt operations indefinitely. While disaster can strike at any time, companies will get back on their feet far quicker with the help of outside professionals well-versed in the latest disaster recovery backup technologies and methodologies.

(5) More Available Resources. While building a business, you can’t afford to waste time handling IT-related issues while your competitors are focused on developing their products and winning over customers with innovative marketing strategies. By outsourcing to an experienced IT support team, you can free up valuable company resources to focus on what’s essential to your company’s success — marketing, product development, and customer experience.

Outsource Your Company’s IT

An increasing number of companies are taking advantage of IT outsourcing. IT outsourcing allows your company to access a big talent pool and scale your business faster. Sequent Solutions provides the best-trained, best-managed and most thoroughly proven IT resources at competitive costs. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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