How Can Big Data Analytics Improve Customer Loyalty?

There are ways your business can give customers a consistently positive buying experience to gain customer loyalty. Excellent customer service increases the perceived value of your products and creates a sense of community, or better yet, establishes an emotional connection with your customers.

The challenge arises in identifying what values are most important to your customer base, and how your company can address customer pain points without the obvious “over-sell”. Big data analytics allows businesses to successfully improve customer loyalty by carefully managing the customer experience, which leads to improved sales.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Today’s fast-paced e-commerce markets include both B2B and B2C information that can be captured, analyzed and leveraged to support business decisions and product or service development strategies. Add to this vast amount of data the constant posting of social media information that can offer insight into sales leads and customer behavior, and you’ve got what is known as big data.

These often huge and complex data sets consist of disparate pieces of economic, financial, and customer information that is useless until it is analyzed to discover hidden patterns, customer preferences, and market trends that can be used in unlimited ways to support business operations and strategies.

If you want to improve your customer’s experience and gain greater customer loyalty to your brand over the competition, big data will offer the insight to drive marketing campaigns that keep your loyal customers coming back. And if you want to quickly convert new customers into returning customers, Big Data Analytics companies have also proven beneficial for improving the new customer’s experience.

Improve Customer Loyalty with Big Data

Businesses use many tactics to judge what customers are feeling about their in-store or online buying experience. Surveys and polls, customer reviews, social media comments, website testimonials, and call-center feedback are tools traditionally used to capture customer feedback.

Big data processes curate large amounts of data that can be mined from various sources including social media channels, user comments, website testimonials, polls and surveys, and many other sources. Consider a customer satisfaction survey which may generate a two percent response. This is hardly indicative of the emotions or experiences of your entire customer base.

Gain the expertise of a big data analytics company that can paint a broader customer picture using a much wider brushstroke, offering deeper insight and greater value to your sales and marketing teams. This high-performing, analytical technology incorporates complex algorithms, multiple sets of statistics, and predictive models packaged in an application suited for the type of business structure and customer data that your company requires.

Big Data analytics can be used to improve customer experience and enhance customer loyalty in the following ways:

  • Understanding your customer’s preferences and needs
  • Relieving and resolving customer pain points
  • Asking customer-related questions and receive data-based answers
  • Uncovering unknown relationships between data sets that can drive performance
  • Improving advertising campaigns with targeted messaging to your customer base
  • Giving insight into developing a customer-first strategy that promotes loyalty

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