Outsourcing Data Science: Five Reasons Why It Works

Businesses constantly generate – and are bombarded with – data that is directly useful for ongoing, daily operations. Yet, beyond this accumulation of data, there is almost unlimited value opportunity in the analysis and evaluation of enterprise-wide business and customer data to improve productivity, enhance customer loyalty, and solve market sector problems. Outsourcing data science and IT processes to manage even small amounts of data in a systematic way can give significant insight into streamlining operational procedures and lead to better decision-making across all corporate divisions.

Five Reasons Why IT Outsourcing Works


Many companies ask, “Why hire a data scientist when we already have a fully-staffed IT department?” Rarely will a company employ an in-house data science expert – not unless you’re an IT technology firm where 41% of all data scientists are employed, according to a Rutgers University study.

Data science outsourcing gives you access to technology and data analytics experts that deliver high-quality service in managing, organizing and interpreting data from a wide range of sources.


When you partner with offshore data science outsourcing specialist, you can expect to work with professionals that have an exceptional work ethic with a focus on accuracy and quality of data collection and interpretation. Sequent Solutions follows international business codes of conduct which promotes effective communications and partnership transparency, including the protection of your sensitive business information.

Eastern European governments support outsourcing ventures as a means of economic development and expect a high level of English proficiency among IT professionals.


Consider the time and costs of building and implementing an effective IT hardware infrastructure that can handle enormous data mining and processing workloads. This would require more than one highly-trained employee. It could take a combination of information system managers, database administrators, data scientists and data engineers to successfully incorporate in-house data analytics that may include machine learning, artificial intelligence deployment, and a 24/7 IT operations center.


IT outsourcing works because companies gain access to next-generation computer science tools and techniques such as big data analytics, data types, analysis methods, and storage models. Current business trends can’t keep up with the rapid development of IT applications and data solutions. It is a specialized service built to help businesses overcome the challenges of using data to surface emerging trends and take advantage of developing movements in their targeted market sectors.


Companies that are competitive will understand that access to a global workforce has many benefits. You gain a larger workforce and access to a larger talent pool to gain specialized expertise. Eastern Europe has become a major geographical location for successful offshore IT partnerships because of the top tech talent coming out of the region.

Expect improved IT results, lower labor costs, and highly educated and trained data specialists that have the freedom to focus on your business data concerns.

Outsourcing data science works for businesses because they gain a team of data experts while still saving the time and money it would take to fulfill these needs in-house. Not only do you gain access to a global workforce with a strong work ethic, you also partner with a service provider that focuses solely on innovative IT architectures and data analysis techniques.

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